4 Reasons Why Fitness Trackers Are Useless

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Fitness Trackers Are Useless
Fitness Trackers Are Useless

Really, applying a fitness tracker help you to lose weight? Basically counting the steps you’ve taken and how many calories you’ve burned will appears as weight loss. But new study also providing messages ‘Fitness Trackers are ineffective’. Followings are the cases for why fitness trackers are ineffective.

Fitness isn’t comfortable

Most hit customer technology products of the last twenty years have only made things more comfortable and useful. As a matter of fact the mp3 player let us listen to anything without getting up. Website flowing services made the film rental process easier and idle. Smart phone let us to play games and YouTube videos from any places. Sitting on a sofa Steve Jobs even spent the entire iPad statement and browsing the web.

Because of human being, we’re indolent customary, which put forward a trouble for the tracker of fitness. The smart phone, mp3 player and tablet grip this fact; the fitness tracker is trying to struggle with that.

Fitness isn’t fashion

At present fitness trackers range from stylish to realize but it is a matter of fact that there’s no anything up to now be eligible for elegant. Rationally, this is grim message for the fitness tracker, which desires to gauge everything you perform, but only actually acts when you’ve got the thing fasten, stuck, or hugged on your physique. 

Until the fitness tracker can persuade us to keep the element on, we won’t understand the product’s total useful.

Fitness isn’t fun

While Basketball is fun and Snowboarding is fun. But Fitness is not fun. At Present, the fitness tracker is great for measuring everyone’s least preferred activities and valueless for measuring fun as well as important things.

Fitness shouldn’t be worrying

Already we aware that fitness trackers create things needlessly complicated. In fact isn’t all that data collection also a little bit sinister? Simple targets are better, but why do we require precise step counts, arithmetical fine ratings for sleep excellence, and mechanized data transfers to the company’s serves?

Put on the new patch-style trackers that will simply take place on your abdomen and follow you all day, as we’ve moved from tracking to stalking.


Why Fitness Trackers Are Useless’ is really important to know as some people once were blindly supportive of Fitness Trackers and some are still on confusion. Hopefully this article will definitely assist you to reach in perfect decision.